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Offering flexibility and exceptional customer service, the Bank is a significant player in the international banking sector

A robust and resilient banking sector is critical in promoting Cyprus as a major financial centre and international business destination. With an established presence in the country’s banking industry, cdbbank (Cyprus Development Bank) has played, over the years, a substantial role in stimulating economic growth and development. Founded in 1963, cdbbank has grown into one of the country’s leading niche financial institutions, offering a wide range of banking and financial services to corporate, institutional and individual clients, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Positioning international banking as one of its major activities, the Bank currently operates two fully-fledged International Corporate Banking’s (ICB) in Nicosia and Limassol, designed to cater to the sophisticated and complex needs of its increasing clientele. Dedicated to providing personalised service and high quality solutions, cdbbank has invested significantly in human resources and cutting edge technological infrastructure, which have contributed to its remarkable performance. Having seen its transactional business doubling during the last year, cdbbank has experienced steady growth in 2017 and anticipates even better results in 2018.  

Exceptional customer service

The core values of integrity, flexibility and customer-centric approach, which govern cdbbank’s philosophy in every operational practice, enable the Bank to offer customised solutions and specialised advice by quickly addressing its clients’ requests. The small size of the Bank, its streamlined procedures together with its modern corporate structure give clients the opportunity to have direct access to senior management, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. The broad range of its deposit and other structured products along with treasury services, make up among others, the Bank’s diversified offering of international banking solutions. 

Dealing with the advanced financial requirements of individual and corporate clients, cdbbank has developed a state-of-the-art e-banking system, which enables customers to manage their accounts efficiently and perform worldwide electronic transactions securely.


Cultivating long term relationships of trust

Compliance with laws and regulations has always been a key priority for cdbbank. Following the financial crisis of 2013, the Cypriot banking sector went through a major transformation process that required the implementation of extensive reforms and radical changes. Due to its prudent management and the high level of expertise, cdbbank adjusted with success to this new environment, and managed to find customized solutions, tailored to suit its customers’ needs.

It is worth noting that cdbbank is also actively involved in investment services through its subsidiary company cdb Global Capital, offering brokerage and asset management services, as well as corporate advisory and investment advice. The company, which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and is a Member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a remote Member of the Athens Stock Exchange, plays a key role in the implementation of the Group’s strategic goals.

Striving for excellence, cdbbank has always adapted its strategy to deliver great customer experience and continue being a reliable and trustworthy banking partner of the international business community.


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cdbbank currently operates two business centers, one in Nicosia and one in Limassol, facilitating quick and personalised service. Our Client Relationship Officers ensure that you receive high-quality service at all times and that all your banking needs are catered with professionalism and a personal approach.