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Offering a wide range of specialised services and flexible deposit products 

Inspired by its vision and mission, cdbbank (the Cyprus Development Bank) plays a significant role in the vital services sector, offering targeted financial solutions, tailor-made to the needs of each client. With a revamped corporate identity, a modern technological infrastructure and a wide range of operations, the Bank is a reliable and safe option for corporate and institutional clients.

Service is key

The main objective of cdbbank is to excel in providing quality service to all its domestic and international clients at all times. Building on and maintaining personal contact with each and every one of them, the Bank aspires to cultivate long term ties of trust. To achieve this aim, each of cdbbank’s strategic and business plans revolves round its client-centric philosophy, which is consistently reflected at all levels of interaction with its clients.

Moreover, the Bank’s small and flexible structure, combined with the well-trained and experienced personnel, have enabled it to cater effectively to its clients’ everyday needs. Meanwhile, in recognition of the value it offers its customers and in light of its corporate excellence, cdbbank was recently honoured with the award for Best Corporate Bank in Cyprus in 2016, by the reputable international financial and business magazine, Capital Finance International (  

Promoting entrepreneurship

Since its establishment in 1963, cdbbank has demonstrated its interest in reinforcing local development and entrepreneurship, offering financing opportunities to Large Corporates and SMEs.

The Bank provides support and offers innovative products and services that add value to its domestic and international clients alike. In addition, the Bank is enhancing its presence as a reputable financial institution with a business orientation. cdbbank’s investment in human capital allows it to continue to deal effectively with any market challenge. 

At the same time, the Bank has invested in the acquisition of high specification digital systems. Indicative of the constant evolution of its technological infrastructure is the further enhancement of its cutting-edge e-banking system, which ensures speediness and efficiency in the execution of transactions.

In pursuit of its strategic plans, cdbbank will continue to invest in technology and the further training of its employees, with the aim of ensuring high quality service and differentiation. cdbbank wants to continue being a one-stop shop that caters to all the funded and non-funded needs of its clients’ businesses, by addressing their particular needs with a high level of professionalism.

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cdbbank currently operates two business centers, one in Nicosia and one in Limassol, facilitating quick and personalised service. Our Client Relationship Officers ensure that you receive high-quality service at all times and that all your banking needs are catered with professionalism and a personal approach.